Roman Museum

A museum dedicated to Augsburg's impressive Roman history.

Roman Museum

Roman Museum

The Roman Museum in Augsburg, Germany offers a chance for daily visitors to immerse themselves in the deep and rich history of the ancient Roman Empire. If you're planning a trip to Augsburg, be sure to carve out time in your schedule to visit this magnificent museum, which houses a vast collection of artifacts and gives you a peek into the lives of Rome's ancient civilization.

The museum is located exactly on the site of the former Roman provincial capital Augusta Vindelicorum. Prior to being a museum, the building was used as a Monastery of St. Margaret in the 11th century. The structure itself has a historical significance, a place where past met the present, making it an excellent location for recounting Rome's fascinating history.

The Roman Museum in Augsburg chronicles its exhibits in chronological order, starting from the prehistoric era to the early Middle Ages. Visitors will get a complete panorama of life through the different epochs. Each section of the museum focuses on different periods and aspects of Roman history, making it a comprehensive educational experience.

One of the main attractions of the museum is the collection of well-preserved mosaics. The “Victory Altar” and the "Muses Mosaic" are some of the major highlights. The intricacy and mesmerising details present in these vibrant mosaics are indeed exceptional. Walking through the mosaic galleries will give you an understanding of the ancient Roman aesthetic sense and their exceptional craftsmanship.

Equally impressive is the Roman stone monuments section. This includes gravestones, mile markers, dedication stones, and more. The engravings on these stones not only speak volumes about the Roman architecture but also provide insights into the folkways, beliefs, and life of the ancient Roman people.

Apart from the stone monuments and mosaics, the museum also showcases Roman jewellery, sculptures, tools, pottery, and household items. Ordinary and extraordinary items of ancient everyday Roman life hold an important place in the museum, helping to paint a vivid picture of Roman civilization for the visitors.

Museum visitors can also learn about the architecture and urban development of the Roman provincial capital of Augusta Vindelicorum through the displayed models and plans. These exhibits can help you appreciate how advanced and sophisticated the Roman civilization was hundreds of years ago.

Don’t miss out on the basement section, called the Archaeological Cellar. Here, one can witness part of the foundation walls of the ancient Roman structures and the portico. The museum has preserved the remains of these historical structures in a way that allows visitors to literally walk through history.

The Roman Museum is also known for its temporary exhibitions. These temporary displays focus on specific themes or periods, providing an intensive overview of the thematic focus and augmenting the museum's permanent collections.

It's impossible to skim the history's surface of a civilization as complex and captivating as Rome. However, the Roman Museum in Augsburg makes it possible for visitors to delve deeper, offering a wonderfully detailed and comprehensive health history of the Roman Empire. For history enthusiasts, art lovers, students, or simply curious tourists, a visit to this museum is a must.

Regardless of whether you're a history buff or not, after touring this museum, you're bound to gain a newfound appreciation for the Roman civilization. The Roman Museum in Augsburg invites you to embark on a journey through time that is both educational and enjoyable. It's more than just a museum – it's a link to the illustrious past bound to leave you awestruck. Enjoy your visit!