Neue Residenz

Former residence of Bamberg's prince-bishops with lavish rooms and gardens.

Neue Residenz

Neue Residenz

Neue Residenz in Bamberg, Germany is one of the most magnificent historical landmarks to visit. Featuring a combination of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, this attraction offers an incredible deep dive into 17th and 18th century history.

The Neue Residenz was the former residence of the prince-bishops of Bamberg. Construction of the Residenz began in 1602 under Prince-Bishop von Gebsattel and was completed in 1703 through the initiative of another Prince-Bishop, Lothar Franz von Schönborn. This remarkably preserved site exudes the wealth and influence these bishops wielded in the region during the period.

Encompassing over 40 lavishly decorated rooms, a visit to the Neue Residenz lets you bask in the grandeur of past eras. The detailed craftsmanship and stucco work that adorn the ceiling are awe-inspiring, presenting an air of regal elegance. There are numerous antiques, tapestries, and priceless works of art feature throughout the residence, allowing for an interactive experience.

One of the highlight areas of Neue Residenz is the Imperial Hall. This grandiose room is decorated with portraits of emperors and German kings and is truly a sight to behold. The White Hall, on the other hand, is most noted for its exquisite stucco work, and the Mirror Cabinet gives an exclusive insight into the opulence of the 18th century court life.

The Neue Residenz is home to the fantastic State Gallery of Bamberg, which exhibits a collection of paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries. The works of artists from the Franconian, Swabian and Dutch schools are displayed with pride, which are sure to impress art lovers.

Moreover, the Neue Residenz also houses the Bamberg State Library, a cultural and scientific repository containing over 500,000 books. Among the library's treasures are numerous medieval manuscripts and various incunabula, which are one of the earliest forms of printed books.

Do not miss the opportunity to explore the Rose Garden, a wonderfully landscaped space offering mesmerizing views of the city. The garden is home to more than 4500 roses, which bloom from May to October. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll, catch some fresh air, or rest and enjoy the picturesque setting, the Rose Garden offers a perfect respite from the bustling city life.

Shopping enthusiasts would be thrilled to explore the Traid Shop located within the Neue Residenz. The shop offers a variety of local products and souvenirs including books, toys, and local crafts.

For visitors interested in guided tours, they are available regularly, providing in-depth knowledge of the architecture, history, and the luxury lifestyle of bishops. Audio guides in multiple languages are also available for those who want to explore at their pace.

The Neue Residenz stands as an impressive representation of Bamberg's history and culture. Its grandeur architectural style, rich collections, and magnificent gardens will surely captivate every visitor's heart and imagination. A visit to Neue Residenz ensures a fulfilling and enriching travel experience in Bamberg.