Dialog House

A social enterprise that offers exhibitions including Dialog in the Dark and Dinner in the Dark.

Dialog House

Dialog House

For tourists fascinated by unique experiences that push the boundaries of traditional fun and learning, Dialog House in Hamburg, Germany, might just be the attraction that will surprise and delight you. Dialog House presents a series of exhibitions that explore human understanding, empathy, communication, and sensory awareness in the most extraordinary ways.

Dialog House is not your typical museum or tourist destination. It hosts three primary exhibitions - Dialog in the Dark, Dialog im Stillen (Dialogue in Silence), and Dialog with Time, each of them offering a distinctly thought-provoking adventure. The fundamental theme that runs throughout Dialog House is the idea of placing visitors in scenarios that challenge their known reality.

In Dialog in the Dark, visitors are led by blind or visually-impaired guides through pitch-black rooms designed to simulate different settings such as a park, a city, a bar, and more. The concept behind this unique presentation is to reverse roles and demonstrate that in the absence of sight, other senses can be heightened. This thrilling transformation stimulates imagination and understanding about the world from the perspective of those without sight.

Dialog in Silence, on the other hand, takes guests into the world of the deaf and hard of hearing. Here, visitors are equipped with noise-cancelling headphones and led by deaf or hard-of-hearing guides through a soundless exhibition. Without sounds, visitors revert to body language, facial expressions, and sign language to communicate-- creating space for a compelling and enriching dialogue.

Dialog with Time goes beyond sensory experiences and instead prompts you to confront your perceptions and attitudes about aging. Here, you are guided by people over the age of 70, exploring and challenging common stereotypes about the elderly. It's a thought-provoking and potentially life-changing experience that compels visitors to reflect on their views and attitudes about age.

Dialog House's exhibitions cleverly simulate 'alternative' realities, sparking curiosity, fostering empathy, and challenging traditional rules of interaction. Each exhibition takes around 90 minutes, ensuring ample time for participants to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

For foreign visitors, Dialog House provides English-speaking guides, making the exhibitions accessible to international tourists. You're required to make reservations in advance, especially for larger groups. It's open from Tuesday to Sunday; however, the exact timings might change based on the season.

In addition to the exhibitions, the Dialog House also houses an intriguing bar -- the 'Dark Bar'. Here, guests can enjoy drinks and snacks served in total darkness, further allowing them to experience the unique sensory challenge originally proposed in Dialog in the Dark.

Located in the heart of Hamburg, Dialog House is conveniently accessible via public transportation. Its central location makes it easy to pair a visit with other tourist attractions in Hamburg.

Given its unusual concept, Dialog House may not be everyone's ideal tourist spot. Nevertheless, for those looking for a unique, interactive, and impactful experience, it offers a set of genuinely life-altering exhibitions. Bear in mind that the experience may be fairly overwhelming for the very young or those uncomfortable in unusually controlled environments.

All in all, a visit to Dialog House promises a transformative journey that engages and enlightens—in a place where curiosity about the unknown and empathy for 'the different' gets kindled, nurtured and celebrated. An absolute must-visit for the sensitive, the empathetic, and the ever-keen learner.