Eibsee Lake

A beautiful lake located at the bottom of the Zugspitze.

Eibsee Lake

Eibsee Lake

Eibsee Lake is an absolute gem hidden in the lap of nature, located in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany. Born out of a gigantic rockslide around 3700 years ago, it sits gracefully at the foot of the country's highest peak, the Zugspitze. With its magically clear turquoise water and picturesque mountain backdrop, it is a sight for sore eyes, painting a picture that seems straight off a postcard. The surrounding dark green forests and Alpine peaks enhance its serene and tranquil atmosphere.

This delightful display of natural beauty not only offers stunning views but also offers visitors an array of activities. It is a perfect place for people looking to enjoy some quality time in Mother Nature's lap. Whether you enjoy hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, or you merely wish to drink in the scenic beauty, there's something for everyone at this magical location.

Renowned for its seven smaller islands and 8 bays, the shape of Eibsee Lake is unparalleled to any other in the region. Its unique, irregular form and shallow water make it a must-visit destination for tourists and especially photographers looking to capture the perfect shot. A sunny day at Eibsee Lake offers breathtaking reflections of the surrounding landscape and the Zugspitze in the spotless water.

Between late spring and early autumn, one of the most popular activities is to swim in the crystal-clear waters. The temperature of the water averages around 20°C, making it a refreshing experience for those warm summer days. The lake also offers unique sporting opportunities with equipment for renting such as paddle boats, electric boats, and rowing boats. Stand-up paddleboarding is also quite a hit amongst visitors.

If you're more of a land creature, the lake offers an approximately 7 km long walking trail, the Eibsee-Rundweg. This trail offers delightful views and perspectives of the lake from all angles and has several benches for resting. The path is accessible for strollers, wheelchairs, making it a fun family excursion. Walking around, you'll come across various beaches dotted around the lake which are excellent spots for picnics.

Fishing in the Eibsee lake is also quite popular. For all the angling enthusiasts, the lake is home to many species of fish such as the lake trout, Arctic char, rainbow trout, American brook trout, and European grayling. Remember, you need a valid fishing license and a day ticket to fish in the waters of Eibsee.

To satiate the hunger worked upon by all the engaging activities, look towards Eibsee Pavilion, Eibsee Lake Restaurant and Eibsee Alm, excellent eateries with a variety of food and stunning views of the lake, promising a memorable dining experience.

Another must-do when you visit the Eibsee Lake is taking a ride on the Zugspitze cable car. This cable car offers a sensational bird's eye view of the lake nestled amid the emerald green forests and the heart-stopping vertical drops. The ride to the summit of Zugspitze at nearly 3,000 meters is an enchanting experience in itself.

During winter, the lake freezes over, giving it a whole new charm. It's not just the cold temperature that brings a change, but also the color of the lake from turquoise to a stunning emerald green. The lake also becomes a hotspot for winter hiking and snowshoeing during this time. Skiing and snowboarding on the Zugspitze mountain are also popular winter activities.

Though the lake is open to visitors throughout the year, the best time to visit Eibsee Lake is during the summer months for hiking, swimming, and boating activities. However, if winter sports are your forte, then the snow-filled months are the time to head over.

Easily accessible and just approximately 8 km from the resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Eibsee Lake is a jewel that rewards every traveler with vivid, unforgettable memories. To sum up, it is a natural paradise that sweeps every visitor off their feet with its captivating beauty and the diverse options it offers for a relaxed yet adventurous getaway.