A well-preserved part of the old town wall with an adjacent medieval executioner's site.



Rothenburg ob der Tauber, widely considered one of the most beautiful towns in Germany, is famed for its rich history, distinctive architecture, and the timeless charm of its well-preserved medieval Old Town. Among the many fascinating attractions the town has to offer, one stands out both for its architectural significance and its historic allure - the Galgentor.

The Galgentor, or "Gallows Gate", is one of the five original medieval gates of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Built in the early 14th century, it was among the fortifications that enclosed Rothenburg, serving as one of several primary points of entry and exit. Named after the nearby gallows, it signified a grim reminder of the medieval past for those entering or leaving the town.

As you approach the Galgentor, you're likely to be impressed by the sturdiness of the structure. The gate is imposing, designed to withstand attacks and discourage invaders. The upper section of the stone-built gate features small, narrow slit windows, while the larger, arched entrance is equipped with a substantial wooden door – an authentic replication of what would have been used centuries ago.

The Galgentor is located in the southern part of this medieval town, making it a handy landmark and a great starting point for walking tours. As you walk through it, you can't help but admire the robustness of the medieval architecture – an indication of the resilience of the people who once lived here.

Nearby, the site of the former Gallows Hill is an interesting, if somewhat chilling point of interest. It was here, just outside the town's protective walls, where public executions took place. Today, it is a beautiful, peaceful green field, providing stunning panoramic views of Rothenburg’s skyline and serving as a stark contrast to its grimmer past.

The Galgentor fits seamlessly into the beautiful panorama of Rothenburg and is best enjoyed as part of a leisurely stroll along the town's extensive city walls. From here, you can also explore the nearby Castle Garden, another popular tourist spot that offers splendid views across the valley.

Be sure to bring along your camera to the Galgentor. Capture the scenic views of the Tauber valley and the town that you will cherish for a lifetime. Don't miss the evening sunsets, they lend a magical, golden hue to the Galgentor, making it even more picturesque and enchanting.

For history enthusiasts and those interested in architecture, a visit to the Galgentor reveals insights into the town's fascinating past. Take the time to learn about the stories and history behind this imposing structure, and appreciate the craftsmanship of the builders who made this enduring gate.

Winter is a special time to visit the Galgentor. The snow-dusted gate and the surrounding landscape present a picture-postcard view that you'd see on a Christmas card. Lit up during the evenings, the gate looks captivating, creating a sense of stepping right into a fairy tale.

Cafes and shops in the vicinity can offer you a much-needed respite after your exploration of the Galgentor. Sipping a warm cup of coffee or indulging in traditional German pastries makes for a pleasant culmination of the visit. Don't forget to pick up some hand-crafted souvenirs from the local shops to take back home.

Whether you are a history buff, an avid photographer, or just a casual tourist wanting to soak in the experience, the Galgentor in Rothenburg ob der Tauber represents a significant piece of the town's rich heritage. Its compelling history coupled with its present-day tranquillity make it a must-see attraction for any visit to this medieval gem of a town.