A modern district with unique architecture, shops, restaurants, and more.



HafenCity is the newest and most modern district of ragged yet sophisticated Hamburg, Europe's second-largest port. It is also the largest downtown development project in Europe, located between the Elbe river, Baumwall, and the Speicherstadt, a UNESCO World-Hubert Weltkulturerbe site. HafenCity is an exciting destination that showcases the future of urban living and architectural ingenuity, making it a sight that should never be missed when in Hamburg.

Exploring HafenCity rewards tourists with a delightful mix of sleek high-rises, cozy cafes, bustling shops, and highly modern yet welcoming public spaces. The purpose-built district spans 2.2 square kilometers and offers a cheerful diversity that nods to Hamburg's seafaring past while shaping its future. HafenCity is built around the historic harbor and on the former free port's grounds, marrying the old and the new in a visually arresting way.

At the heart of HafenCity is the Marco Polo Terrassen, a gorgeous open space paved in red and cream, offering resting spots for tourists. Very popular during the summer months, this area usually has locals and visitors mingling over meals and coffees, with children playing in the fountain. It's a more laid-back spot to relax and enjoy the view of the HafenCity.

Nearby is one of the most iconic buildings in Hamburg - the Elbphilharmonie, or ‘Elphie’, as it’s affectionately called. World-renowned for its glass facade and undulating roof, it is home to a world-class concert hall, a hotel, and apartments. It also houses the Plaza - a viewing platform open to the public, offering 360-degree panoramic views of the city and harbor. For music lovers, catching a performance should undoubtedly be on the agenda.

The HafenCity University is another architectural wonder, home to courses related to the built environment. Its modern glass façade and interactive lighting design attract many architecture and urban planning enthusiasts. Close by is the Internationales Maritimes Museum which offers insights into 3,000 years of maritime history through its extensive collection of model ships, naval artefacts, and maritime art.

Food lovers will also find their paradise in HafenCity, with all the waterfront restaurants and bars. There are options galore, from traditional German cuisine to more international fare. The lively Überseequartier, with its shops and restaurants, is the place to be for shopping sprees and wonderful dining experiences beside the water.

HafenCity also offers a range of activities such as boat tours, whether you want a romantic sunset sail or an informative guided tour. The historical Warehouse District and the modern HafenCity provide a stark yet harmonious contrast and are definitely worth exploring from the water.

For families, the best way to explore HafenCity is through a treasure hunt. The HafenCity treasure hunt is a fun and interactive game that allows you to explore the area while solving riddles and hunting for flags.

Vegetation isn't the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of HafenCity. However, the district makes a big effort to incorporate greenery. The popular Lohsepark, for instance, is Hamburg's largest inner-city green area and offers extensive lawns, play areas, and a rose garden.

In essence, HafenCity offers an intriguing blend of eye-catching architecture, waterside gastronomy, vibrant cultural venues, and invigorating green spaces. This urban development represents a conscious move towards sustainable living, proving that urbanization doesn't have to be gray and dreary. A visit to HafenCity is definitely a must-do for any visitor aiming to experience the contemporary side of Hamburg.