Rickmer Rickmers

A floating museum on a three-masted ship.

Rickmer Rickmers

Rickmer Rickmers

Traveling to Hamburg, you can't miss out on visiting Rickmer Rickmers, one of the city's iconic landmarks. Situated in the Port of Hamburg, this majestic ship serves as a fascinating museum ship open for tourists to explore. It's not just a regular museum; it's a vast, vivid showcase of maritime history.

This historic sailing ship was named after its first owner, Rickmer Clasen Rickmers, a respected entrepreneur and shipbuilder. Built in 1896, the Rickmer Rickmers is a three-masted barque, one of the last of its kind. For more than a century, this fine vessel has endured the test of time, surviving two World Wars and various transformations.

The Port of Hamburg is often referred to as "The Gateway to the World," making the ship's location engaging and symbolic. The Rickmer Rickmers maintains its imposing presence against a backdrop of towering warehouse buildings and bustling maritime operations. It's an exceptional sight to behold, especially during sunsets when the sky paints a beautiful backdrop for the ship.

Tourists visiting the Rickmer Rickmers are welcome to roam around the ship and explore its various sections. Prepare to delve deep into maritime history, where each corner of the ship tells an enthralling tale. Areas to roam and explore include the cargo hold, the engine room, and the renovated crew quarters.

The cargo hold used to store various goods over the years – from bamboo, rattan, and rice to tea and jute – is now an exhibition space. Here, visitors can learn about sea trade development and discover more about the vessel’s exciting history. Considered a legend on its own, the ship has served under several names like Max, Sagres, and Santos.

The engine room houses a powerful 800 horsepower engine, which many get curious about. With a well-preserved set of old gauges, pipes, and other ship parts, it’s like a time capsule that allows visitors to marvel at the mechanics of the past century. The engineering-minded may find this place particularly interesting.

To experience how the sailors lived those years ago, step into the meticulously restored crew quarters, which consists of bunks, mess tables, and kitchen areas. You'll get a glimpse of the harsh conditions the sailors experienced during their long, often arduous journeys at sea.

One of the most striking features of the ship is the captain's and officer's cabins. They transport you to a different era with their traditional furnishings. There is an incredible attention to detail that helps recreate an authentic 19th-century ambiance, featuring richly carved staterooms, lavish marble bathrooms, and old navigational instruments.

The Rickmer Rickmers also play host to a dedicated maritime exhibition. This displays artifacts and models related to the history of shipping and navigation. Understanding the history and evolution of maritime travels will fascinate anyone with a penchant for travel and history.

The ship also boasts a spacious deck which gives tourists a radiant view of the Elbe River and the impressive panorama of Hamburg's cityscape. A visit to Rickmer Rickmers will be incomplete without pausing to take in this mesmerizing scenery.

Lastly, the Rickmer Rickmers is also home to a lovely restaurant. Here, you can enjoy remarkable river views while treating yourself to a delightful array of meals.

So, if you are keen to immerse yourself in the charm of a bygone era of maritime history, a visit to the Rickmer Rickmers in Hamburg is highly recommended. The ship is steeped in history and the guided tours are starring with informative and engaging nuggets of information. The ship will leave you with a deep appreciation of the city's maritime heritage and priceless memories.