Schloss Rosenau

Coburg's beautiful summer palace and birthplace of Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria.

Schloss Rosenau

Schloss Rosenau

Schloss Rosenau, also known as Rosenau Palace, is a picturesque estate located in Coburg, a charming town in the Bavarian region of Germany. With its tranquil gardens, grandiose rooms, and vibrant history, this stunning 19th-century palace offers an immersive and striking embodiment of German royalty and Romanticism.

The palace, nestled amid the lush landscapes of Coburg's peaceful countryside, is an emblem of Coburg's rich heritage, history, and architectural grandeur. Upon entering the imposing gates of the palace, you are welcomed by an impressive sight of the neo-gothic structure, the verdant lawns, and the intoxicating scent of the roses from the palace's garden.

Schloss Rosenau is also known as Prince Albert’s "fairy Tale Castle" because this is where Queen Victoria's Consort, Prince Albert, spent his childhood years. The palace's association with Prince Albert and Queen Victoria lends it a unique charm, making it a must-visit spot for those fascinated by the coupling of British and German history.

Schloss Rosenau offers an enticing guided tour that allows visitors to experience the grandeur of this landmark first-hand. As you step into the palace, you’ll be transported back into the era of romanticism filled with splendid rooms adorned with neo-gothic style, impressive oil paintings, ancient coats of arms, and antique furnishing.

The palace interior has been carefully preserved and houses a fascinating collection of art reflecting the historic and cultural background of the 18th and 19th centuries. The two-story residential building features intimate rooms including the Green Salon, the Prince's Study, and the Queen's Room, each offering a glimpse into the lives of royals.

While in Schloss Rosenau, it's impossible not to stroll around the vast palace grounds. This includes a captivating Rose Garden, landscaped in the English style with a harmonious blend of sloping lawns, secluded paths, and stunning flower beds. The park's serene water features and the different species of flora and fauna provide an entirely different spectacle each season.

If art, history, and culture interest you, do not miss the Ducal Art and Armoury Collection. This meticulously curated collection gives visitors a look into the opulence and elegance of the ducal court during the Middle Ages.

For architecture enthusiasts, the palace's exterior is just as captivating as its interior with its ornately carved facades, buttresses, pinnacles, and neo-gothic architectural elements. Especially at dusk, this spellbindingly haunting castle becomes a spectacular sight when the rays of the setting sun cast golden hues onto the medieval structure.

In the vicinity of the palace, visitors can explore the village of Rosenau which is frequented for its lovely half-timbered houses. And to extend your fairytale-like experience, you may also visit additional Coburg attractions close by such as the Ehrenburg Palace and the Fortress of Coburg, both bearing unique architectural and historical significance.

Yet another notable feature of the Schloss Rosenau is the Orangerie restaurant, which offers a mix of fine regional and international cuisines. Enjoying a sumptuous meal while taking in the views of the palace and park is an unforgettable experience.

All in all, a trip to Schloss Rosenau is more than just a sightseeing tour - it is a step back into history, a stroll through art, and an immersive experience into German nobility's grandeur. Whether you are a history buff, an art enthusiast, or just a curious traveler, Schloss Rosenau in Coburg is an unmissable spot in Germany.