The Old Corn Market (Altes Kornlager)

A historical square surrounded by old buildings.

The Old Corn Market (Altes Kornlager)

The Old Corn Market (Altes Kornlager)

Welcome to the rich and fascinating history of Regensburg, nestled in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. Among its many historical treasures, one that stands out from the crowd is the Altes Kornlager, also known as The Old Corn Market, an iconic and important marker of the city’s history. If you are planning a trip to Regensburg, this landmark should definitely be on your itinerary.

Historically known as one of the major trading and administrative centers of the Holy Roman Empire, the city was a hub for the grain trade. The Old Corn Market confirms Regensburg's prominence in the commercial area during the Middle Ages. Located near the Donau river, the Altes Kornlager had a crucial role in the storing and trading of grain, which significantly contributed to the town's immense wealth.

The Altes Kornlager is a large warehouse, majestically sitting by the bank of the Donau river. This building was constructed back in the late 1600s, which further intensifies the city’s aesthetic charm. A visit to the market takes you on a nostalgic journey back to the early days of the Middle Ages.

As a material testament to a bygone era, the impressive three-story building, with its beautiful gable walls and expansive windows, was a center of business activities. Still standing tall today, the façade bears inscriptions "AD 1676-77", the dates marking when the beautiful landmark was erected.

The building has adequately been able to preserve its traditional architecture, evoking an indeed remarkable past. Typically, the warehouse would have been teeming with traders, carts packed with grains, and ships docking, but today, it serves as a reminder of Regensburg's illustrious, vibrant trade past.

What sets the Altes Kornlager apart is its adaptability. It was not only used for storing produce but was diversified into other uses. For instance, during war times, the expansive warehouse was converted into a military arsenal, storing weapons. This again underlines the crucial role the market played throughout different periods of the city’s history.

However, time and the modern world have taken their toll. Over the past centuries, the building has moved away from its original purpose. Today, a part of this prominent structure houses offices, while another section was converted into a gymnasium.

Despite its evolution and change of use, the Old Corn Market continues to maintain its historical aura. And even if it's not a traditional sightseeing attraction, its architecture, heritage and importance to the city's past make it an exciting place for history buffs.

No visit to Regensburg would be complete without a stroll around the vicinity of the Altes Kornlager. This district has a variety of cozy cafes, friendly taverns, and elegant boutiques, making it feel like stepping back in time, into a simpler era. Alongside, the nearby marina offers some picturesque views of the river, making it a delightful experience for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

While visiting the landmark, also take time to explore the nearby attractions. A stone's throw away you will find the majestic Regensburg Cathedral, the Historiches Museum, and the Stone Bridge, some of the city's historical gems waiting to be discovered.

So, whether you are a history fanatic, an architecture enthusiast or simply someone who loves to stroll through ancient streets, the Old Corn Market in Regensburg is a must-visit. Take a trip down the memory lane, experience the beautiful city, and write your own story of exploration and discovery.