The Old Town

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this area is full of historical buildings and charming streets.

The Old Town

The Old Town

If you're planning a trip to Germany, the old town in Regensburg is a must-visit. Known as Altstadt, it's located in the beautiful city of Regensburg, which was once the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. The city's medieval centre is brimming with charm, beauty, and historical significance. It's no surprise that this part of the city charm has been given the special honor of being named by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Stepping into the old town is like stepping back in time, with a rich array of architectural gems that span two millennia. Among these gems are around 1,500 listed buildings, 984 of which form the UNESCO-designated ‘Old Town’ with Stadtamhof. The cityscape is characterized by tall buildings, narrow lanes, and strong fortifications, which provide a glimpse into the town's past.

One iconic sight is the Regensburg Cathedral, an imposing Gothic edifice that was built over several centuries. This cathedral, also known as St. Peter's, is the seat of the Catholic diocese and is considered the most splendid Gothic building in Southern Germany. Its stained-glass windows and amazing stone carvings are breathtaking and alone worth visiting the old town in Regensburg.

You also can't afford to miss the Stone Bridge, a medieval bridge over the River Danube that dates back to the 12th century. Walking across this marvel, you can enjoy dazzling views of the old town, and imagine yourself in the Middle Ages when this was the only bridge across the river. Nearby, the historical Wurstkuchl, Germany’s oldest fast food restaurant serves scrumptious and traditional sausages, which you should try.

Another must-visit spot in Regensburg’s old town is the Old Town Hall. It commands attention with its Gothic and Romanesque components. The Imperial Hall, Reichssaal, held the Perpetual Diet of Regensburg, the permanent Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire from 1663-1806. The hall is filled with relics of law enforcements which provide an insight into the political situation of the time.

Art enthusiasts should consider stopping by at the Regensburg Museum of History. This museum, housed in a former minorite monastery, showcases a comprehensive collection that dating back to the Stone Age, Bronze Age, the Roman times, the Middle Ages and up to the 19th century. This will give you a deep understanding of the city's rich history and culture.

For shoppers, the old town does not disappoint. There are plenty of shopping arcades, boutiques, retail outlets, souvenir shops, and fashion stores to explore. Moreover, numerous cafés, beer gardens, taverns and restaurants are spread across the old town, offering culinary gems from local and international cuisines to satisfy every palate.

Accommodation options are plentiful in the district and are as varied as the city's history. You can choose from luxury hotels housed in historical buildings, charming boutique hotels, guesthouses with warm and welcoming staff, and vacation rentals ideal for families or traveling groups. Staying in the old town gives you the perfect base to explore Regensburg and the surrounding areas.

Getting around the Old Town is a fun experience in itself, thanks to the pedestrianized streets and squares teeming with life. Public transportation, especially buses, is also efficient and can take you to various parts of the city. The best way to experience the old town is by foot - allowing you to soak up its atmosphere at your own pace.

To sum up, visiting the Old Town in Regensburg is like having a fascinating history lesson. With its unrivaled charm, stunning architecture, and vibrant life, the district should be an integral part of any itinerary when visiting Germany. So pack your bags and embark on an exciting journey into Germany's medieval past.