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One of the oldest cities in Germany, with roots going back to Roman times.

About Kempten

Kempten, located in the picturesque Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany, is one of the oldest cities in the country, with roots tracing back over 2,000 years. This historical depth is palpable as you wander through its streets, where ancient Roman settlements meet modern-day architecture, creating a unique blend of old and new. Visitors to Kempten will find a city that celebrates its rich heritage while embracing contemporary culture and lifestyle.

At the heart of Kempten's historical offerings is the Archaeological Park Cambodunum (APC), which showcases the remnants of the ancient Roman town that once stood there. This includes well-preserved bath complexes, a temple, and parts of the forum. The APC is an excellent place for history enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of the Roman influence on the region and to see firsthand the beginnings of this ancient city. Nearby, the Cambodunum Museum complements the outdoor exhibits by displaying artifacts recovered from the site, further enriching visitors' knowledge of Kempten's Roman past.

Kempten’s Basilica of St. Lorenz, a stunning example of Baroque architecture, dominates the city's skyline. This church, rebuilt in the 17th century, features an elaborate interior filled with ornate frescoes and stucco work that exemplify the lavish artistry of the Baroque period. The basilica is not only a place for worship but also a key attraction for those interested in religious art and architecture.

Aside from its historical and architectural sites, Kempten is vibrant with cultural activities and hosts several festivals throughout the year. The annual Jazz Frühling, Kempten’s jazz festival, is particularly notable, drawing musicians and audiences from across Germany and beyond. The festival transforms the city into a hub of musical innovation and celebration, offering performances ranging from traditional jazz to contemporary styles. Additionally, the Allgäu Festival, held in summer, showcases regional traditions, crafts, and culinary delights, providing a taste of local life and customs.

Kempten also serves as a gateway to the Allgäu Alps, making it a popular base for outdoor enthusiasts. The surrounding landscapes offer a plethora of activities such as hiking, skiing, and mountain biking, catering to all levels of experience. Whether exploring its historic sites, enjoying its rich cultural tapestry, or adventuring in the natural beauty of the Bavarian Alps, Kempten offers a diverse array of experiences that make it a captivating destination for tourists.

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