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Gateway to the famous Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles.

About Füssen

Füssen, nestled at the foot of the Bavarian Alps near the Austrian border, is a charming town known for its proximity to some of Germany's most iconic castles, including Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. This picturesque setting makes Füssen a dream destination for tourists seeking both natural beauty and historical architecture. The town itself, with a history dating back over 700 years, offers a delightful mix of medieval and baroque influences visible in its colorful buildings and quaint streets. Walking through the town center, visitors can admire the High Palace (Hohes Schloss), one of Bavaria’s largest and best-preserved late Gothic castle complexes, now housing a branch of the Bavarian State Collections of Paintings.

Just a short drive or bus ride away, the fairy-tale castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau draw visitors from around the world. Neuschwanstein Castle, commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria, rises majestically above the landscape, its spires and towers inspired by the operas of Richard Wagner. Although never completed, the castle's interior is richly decorated with themes from these operas, making it a monumental tribute to the king’s artistic inspirations. Nearby, Hohenschwangau Castle offers a glimpse into Ludwig's childhood and serves as a contrast to his later extravagant creations.

Füssen is also the endpoint of the Romantic Road, a scenic route that winds through southern Germany from Würzburg to Füssen. This route is popular among cyclists and motorists alike, offering stunning views and the opportunity to visit several other historically significant towns and castles along the way. In Füssen, the journey culminates in a region that boasts not only architectural marvels but also exceptional natural landscapes, including alpine lakes and mountain backdrops that offer endless recreational activities.

For those interested in outdoor adventures, Füssen’s location provides ample opportunities. The town is a gateway to the Alps, offering access to numerous hiking, biking, and skiing trails. In the warmer months, the clear lakes such as Alpsee and Forggensee become ideal spots for swimming, boating, and fishing. Winter transforms the area into a snowy wonderland, with nearby ski resorts such as Tegelberg providing slopes for all skill levels. The combination of natural beauty and outdoor activities makes Füssen a year-round destination.

Culturally, Füssen does not disappoint. The town's Baroque churches, particularly the magnificent St. Mang's Abbey, are worth exploring. The abbey houses a museum that tells the story of the town’s rich history, from its Roman roots to its development into a medieval trading hub. The music festivals and live performances that frequently take place in Füssen add to its lively cultural scene, blending tradition with contemporary entertainment. Whether interested in history, architecture, nature, or culture, Füssen offers a diverse and enriching experience that captivates all who visit.

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