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Known for its annual Gäubodenvolksfest, second only to Oktoberfest in size and grandeur in Bavaria

About Straubing

Straubing, a picturesque town in Lower Bavaria, Germany, is steeped in history and tradition. Situated along the banks of the River Danube, Straubing boasts a rich history dating back over 6,000 years, with its roots deeply embedded in Roman times. The town is renowned for its well-preserved medieval layout and the stunning architecture that dots its landscape. Visitors to Straubing will be enchanted by its vibrant market square, which is surrounded by colorful and beautifully restored buildings, serving as the focal point of daily life and numerous festivals throughout the year.

One of the architectural highlights in Straubing is the Basilica of St. Peter, a late Gothic church that commands attention with its impressive facade and spire. Inside, visitors can admire the exquisite stained glass windows and a collection of sacred art that adds to the spiritual ambiance of the place. Just a short walk from the basilica, the Gäuboden Museum presents fascinating insights into the region's history, from prehistoric times to the present day. The museum is particularly famous for its Roman treasures, including the unique Straubing horse and chariot burial, a testament to the town's significant past.

Straubing is also known for hosting one of Bavaria's largest folk festivals, the Gäubodenvolksfest, which has been celebrated annually since 1812. This festival not only honors the agricultural tradition of the region but also transforms Straubing into a lively hub of music, dance, traditional Bavarian costumes, and, of course, the renowned Bavarian beer. The festival, which takes place in August, offers a perfect opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in local culture and festivities.

Aside from the bustling festival times, Straubing offers a serene environment ideal for leisurely strolls along the Danube. The river promenade is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists, providing scenic views and a peaceful atmosphere for walking, cycling, or simply relaxing. For those interested in a more active exploration, the town is a gateway to the Bavarian Forest, offering numerous hiking and cycling paths that lead through lush forests and picturesque landscapes.

Straubing's charm extends into its culinary scene, which features cozy cafes, traditional Bavarian pubs, and gourmet restaurants. Visitors can indulge in local specialties such as Bavarian pretzels, sausages, and hearty stews, accompanied by a pint of locally brewed beer. With its rich history, vibrant cultural life, and welcoming atmosphere, Straubing offers a compelling mix of attractions that make it an appealing destination for tourists seeking an authentic Bavarian experience.

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