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Known as the "City of Three Rivers," it's situated at the confluence of the Danube, Inn, and Ilz.

About Passau

Passau, often referred to as the "City of Three Rivers," is uniquely positioned in Bavaria, Germany, where the Danube, Inn, and Ilz rivers converge. This picturesque city is renowned for its scenic waterfronts and the colorful baroque architecture that defines its skyline. The setting of Passau offers visitors stunning views and numerous vantage points from which to appreciate the natural beauty of the rivers and surrounding forested hills. A walk along the river promenade provides a peaceful experience, allowing one to take in the sights of the old city and the ever-changing reflections on the water.

At the heart of Passau's architectural wonders is St. Stephen's Cathedral, which houses the largest cathedral organ in the world. This baroque church, rebuilt in the 17th century after a fire, is a masterpiece adorned with intricate stucco work and ceiling frescoes by eminent artists. The daily organ concerts are a must-see, drawing visitors from around the globe to experience the powerful sounds of the organ’s 17,974 pipes. The cathedral not only serves as a center for spiritual life but also as a venue for breathtaking musical performances that resonate through the historic walls.

The city's rich history can be explored further at the Passau Glass Museum, which features an extensive collection of European glass from the Baroque era to the present day. With over 30,000 pieces on display, the museum showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of glass making, providing insights into both the historical and artistic significance of this medium. Another notable museum is the Passau Castle Museum (Veste Oberhaus), located on a hill overlooking the city. This fortress, founded in 1219, offers not only a historical exhibition of Passau's past but also panoramic views that are arguably the best in the region.

Passau's charm is also evident in its narrow, winding streets lined with quaint shops and cozy cafes. The city's old town is a lively area where the past and present merge, with modern boutiques housed in historic buildings. The atmosphere here is vibrant yet relaxed, making it ideal for leisurely strolls. Passau is famous for its cultural festivals, particularly the European Weeks Festival, which celebrates music, art, and theater, drawing international artists and visitors each summer.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Passau serves as a gateway to the Bavarian Forest, a massive national park that offers numerous hiking and biking trails. Additionally, river cruises starting from Passau extend through the beautiful Danube Valley all the way to Vienna, offering a unique way to explore Central Europe. Whether it's delving into its historical sites, enjoying the lush landscapes, or partaking in the cultural offerings, Passau provides a diverse and enriching experience that caters to all types of travelers.

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